Who We Are

We are a blockchain development company helping businesses maximize the potential of blockchain technology thanks to years of experience in outsourced software development.

Our team has spent years acquiring business and technical expertise in the blockchain space and investments market, giving us a unique perspective on the venture investments field. Aetsoft brings to the table expertise and a proven track record of creating successful, profitable projects in the emerging industry.

Established in 2014
Established in 2014

Minsk, Belarus

Blockchain expertise
Blockchain expertise

20+ successful projects

Belarus Hi-Tech Park resident
Belarus Hi-Tech Park resident

access to the pool of 40,000+ technical experts

70+ FTE specialists
70+ FTE specialists

Industries We Serve

  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Public sector
  • Retail
  • Banking and finance
  • Automotive
  • Real Estate

The Purpose Of Investment

Aetsoft plans to attract investments to scale the current business model. In order to process a large pool of requests from international customers for blockchain development, Aetsoft needs to grow rapidly, which can be accomplished by investments acquisition.

Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities:

  • Expected amount of investment funds:
    • • 3-5 mio USD
  • Investment options:
    • • equity
    • • loan
    • • convertible debt
    • • grant, etc.
The Aetsoft team is open to investment offerings

The Aetsoft team is open to investment offerings including:

  • Investments for development of world-class blockchain solutions;
  • General-purpose investments to boost the rapid growth and evolvement of the blockchain development outsourcing sector at Aetsoft;
  • Funds required to reach the ultimate goal of Aetsoft, which is to go public by means of IPO

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Our office

Zheleznodorozhnaya 33A/1-6 Minsk, 220089, Belarus

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