Middle AQA Specialist

Aetsoft, an established provider of software development services and a Hi-Tech Park resident, is looking for a Middle AQA Specialist


  • Design and Develop an automation framework (Python/Java) for integration testing of all system components;
  • API Calls (Curl, Graphene API);
  • Load / Stress testing;
  • CI/CD;
  • Build and deployment procedures (Docker, Python, etc);
  • Jenkins jobs and Jenkins Pipeline creation.


  • Knowledge and understanding of the software development process;
  • Production experience of 2 year;
  • English intermediate and above;
  • Knowledge of one of the programming languages (Python, Java, JS.);
  • Readiness to learn new languages and technologies.


  • Competitive and completely white salary;
  • Paid holidays & flexible paid days off;
  • Flexible schedule;
  • Quarterly bonuses program;
  • Big and comfortable office;
  • Spacious rooms;
  • Comfortable and convenient workplace;
  • Powerful working PC, Mac or laptop to choose from;
  • Free health insurance;
  • Partial compensation for sports activities;
  • Corporate discount program;
  • Corporate library;
  • Cosy kitchen with free fruits, tea and coffee;
  • Rest rooms with board games, table tennis, horizontal bar, etc.

Middle AQA Specialist


Команда ведет полный цикл разработки, включая анализ проектных требований, расчет стоимости и времени на дизайн, разработку, тестирование и поддержку приложения.

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